Technical Trainings

At Amplyft, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional Auditing, Accounting and Tax Technical Training that stands out in the industry. What sets us apart is our team of trainers, who not only possess extensive expertise in the field but also bring valuable real-life insights and experiences from their careers as professionals. We understand that the world of auditing and accounting is ever-evolving, and our commitment to excellence drives us to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and practical skills.

Content Development

In the fast-paced world of professional development and training, having the right content is crucial to success. We are committed to creating content that drives meaningful learning experiences, aligns with your goals, and helps you stay ahead in your industry.Our team of dedicated experts specializes in creating tailored content that caters to your specific needs and objectives. Discover the power of tailored content and elevate your training and development efforts with us.

Soft Skills and Leadership Training

At Amplyft, we understand that success in the professional world goes beyond technical knowledge. Soft skills are the pillars for effective communication, teamwork, and leadership. Our Soft Skills Training offering is designed to help individuals and organizations harness the power of these essential abilities, enabling them to excel in their careers and create thriving workplace environments.

Amplyft Academy

Amplyft Academy aims to up-skill para professionals and graduates and make them job ready through various technical and soft skill learnings.

The Amplyft advantages:

  • Functional Expertise
  • Comprehensive Learning
  • Practical Experiences
  • Industry Insights

L&D Consultancy

At Amplyft, we offer a comprehensive suite of L&D consultancy services designed to unlock the full potential of your teams and drive excellence. Whether you're seeking to outsource your training functions, identify and address training needs, formalize audit training frameworks, or discover high performers through assessment centers, we have the expertise and solutions to guide your journey. Our commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of your unique needs ensure that our L&D consultancy services empower your workforce, foster growth, and drive success. Join us in creating a future where your team's potential knows no bounds.


At Amplyft, our dedicated team is driven by passion to empower both businesses and individuals with transformative learning experiences. With over two decades of expertise gained from renowned Big 4 consulting firms, our trainers and content developers bring a wealth of knowledge and exceptional training acumen to every program.

Our primary mission is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practical application of learnings. We create customized training solutions that resonate with real-world business scenarios, ensuring maximum success for our clients.


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